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Hi hun, cum on in.....it's soft, warm and wet here.

She will do anything for your fullfillment!
. Horny, Plump and full of juice!!
Do you like your women real, fleshy and hot to the touch? Dying to snuggle up between a massive pair of soft warm titties? Ummmm cuddle up baby, suckle on my big hard nipples!
Cum and get lost?!?!
You can get lost in them hills!
Yes, thats a good boy. Let me make it all better Want to get nice and kinky? Oh yes baby, I'd love to do that for you. Bring me any need and I'll do it for you. The nastier the better.
It's gonna feel so good. Anything you desire. Darlin, I'll take you there and back again.
Anyway you want!
Mmmmmm, Tastes sooo good!
Show me that rock hard cock. This big erotic girl is gonna get you off like a rocket!
Shoot it right here!!
Dig your big hands into my flesh and hang on for the ride of your life! Lucious Liz is wet and so waiting to
take you in...
ANYTHING you want! Just ask...
Only $1.99 per min. 10 min. minimum

(International callers will be billed $2.50 per Min.)

Call Toll Free!!!



Try me Anytime!!

Email Luscious Liz your Naughty thoughts

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Payment Options

Major credit cards (visa/mc/amex/discover) will be billed by your
Kinky Girl. All information she asks you is solely for credit card

Your charge will always be discreetly billed as Cottage Communications.



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