Dirty Aunt Dotti


Everyone calls me Aunt Dotti I’m 49 and I have never been married. I bake cookies for the kids in the neighborhood.
I volunteer at the food bank and homeless shelter. I work a couple of hours a day as a crossing guard at the junior high school.
I sing in the church choir. Everyone thinks I’m a happy, bubbly old maid.


Little do they know that behind closed doors, I’m a sex fucking freak.
I have boyfriends of all ages. I have five boys in their 20s who like to gang bang me…I look forward to that group.
Double penetration, a cock in each hand and one in my mouth. I like a cock in my ass, my mouth and my pussy all at the same time.
I like to line them up one by one and suck each gorgeous cock. Five loads of cum in my pussy….heaven.

I have a 65 year old boyfriend who likes me to sit on his face and smother him.

Then he tittie fucks me and shoots his load all over my face. Sometimes he wants me to finish him off with a golden shower.
My little boy and his buddy come over once a week to cut my lawn and do all my yard work.
I fix them lunch when they are done then I run them a nice hot soapy bath.
I scrub down both their hard young bodies until they’re squeaky clean.
Then I let them tie me down to the bed with a blind fold on.

One of them sucks on my clit and plays with my pussy, investigating all of it like it’s a school project.
Sometimes he finger fucks my ass while I’m cumming all over his face.
The other one is exploring, sucking, licking, pinching my titties at the same time.
I cum so hard not knowing which one is my little boy …it makes it all the more erotic.
Then they take turns fucking me, slamming their hard, young cocks into me furiously. Ummmm

My 55 year old brother is the freakiest. He likes to dominate me.
When he comes over, he collars me, binds me and ball gags me. I can’t move or make a sound.
Once he brought ?!?

He had him lick my pussy and fuck me while he stood there and stroked his cock.

Sometimes he just empties out my refrigerator, inserts what ever he can into my cunt.
One time he stuffed six kiwis into my cunt then slid an English cucumber up my ass. God I love his imagination.

Call and tell me what your imagination comes up with...

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