Hi there, honey.....my name is Dixie, and I bet you would love to bury your face in my soft, ample bosom. Let mama take real good care of you, the way only a mama can. If you have been a good boy, I will treat you to some of the many pleasures I have to offer, but I also know that sometimes, especially with a naughty boy, a more stern approach is necessary......which do you need, honey?

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I am in my mid-forties, with a body built to pleasure and nurture, soft, curvy, and yielding in all the right places. My sex drive has never been more intense, my need more urgent, or my desire more unquenchable than it is at this time in my life. I find that there is nothing quite as satisfying as fulfilling the fantasies and kinky desires of my special boys. In other words, bring mama your hardest hard-on, your most insatiable need, your naughtiest secrets, your wildest desires, and let me show you why mama always knows best.
Slide your cock between my huge, pillow soft breasts, which, by the way, I can lick and suck and take into my own mouth.......would you like to watch mama do that for you, honey? Grab onto my fleshy, deliciously female hips as you slam your cock into me over and over and over. Tangle your fingers in my wild curly hair as you fuck my mouth. Watch me as I slide my dildo in and out of my pussy and ass for your viewing pleasure........
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Have you been naughty? Do you need a more serious approach? I find that a good spanking on your bare bottom is generally a real fine attitude adjuster, and mama won’t hesitate to turn you over her knee if she has to. Feeling a bit under the weather? Mama can take care of that, too.....sometimes a nice enema can make it all better. Have you made a mess in your pants and need mama to take extra special care of you? I will clean you up, powdering your bottom, taking special care of your little pee-pee before I wrap you up snugly in a nice, clean, warm diaper.
Imagine being cradled in mama’s arms, clean, sweet smelling, taken care of, suckling my full, inviting breast as I stroke you tenderly. I am kind of a night owl, and I am not much for mornings, but I am usually available from about lunchtime till an hour or so before the sun comes up. I am always feeling frisky, always ready to talk, and most definitely always ready to indulge my naughty boy the way that only mama can .......if that sounds like a really good way to spend some quality time, pick up the phone and give me a call...
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