B u n n y


Calling all naughty little boys..

I'm your Naughty Nasty older Lady next door!

You always knew I was horny as hell. You had heard I was a Horny Broad and
it would excite you every time I would say hello to you.
You wanted, craved, desired an invite to come in and Help Aunt Bunny
(everyone calls me Aunt Bunny)..
You've heard of the REWARDS!! The fun the boys had with Aunt Bunny.. the wet, nasty time!
Finally, one day ... I ask you to come around after school, I've a few chores I need help with.
All day you could think of nothing else. You came so close to creaming your
jeans thinking of what might happen after school at Aunt Bunny's house.

Once you get inside, the excitement in your pants is almost to much.

Auntie Bunny needs some play time with her favorite
little man will be your chore today. Now run and get
a nice little toy or two from my bedroom. You walk in my room, lying
on Auntie's bed is the most amazing selection of dildo's and toys.
You just don't know if they are for Auntie or you ... or BOTH?!?!
Bring me your choice .. I know you want to watch Auntie,
you want to touch your little p-p while I stroke that firm Dildo in and out of my Hot Wet Cunt!

My, my, how it excites my little man...

Shall we play little boy?


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