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B l a z e


I'm your voluptuous playmate Blaze. And yes sweetie, my name does reflect my personality!



I've always been naughty ever since I was a young virgin.

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One night I got up to pee and mommy and her man friend were in the living room, doing the nasty. And on the tv was more men and women being very naughty.

I stood in the doorway and just watched, they never noticed me. Or so I thought!

Well, the next night when mommy was at work. Her man friend came into my room and said to me I saw you last night. Did you enjoy watching your mommy and I fucking?

Blaze Playing!
And I made the comment what do you mean fucking? Well, let me tell you that was the beginning of an insatiable urge between myself and men to take me and do as they please!
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Blaze's Pussy




Darlin, cum discover all the different ways I've learned to please a man!

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Baby doll I just love a dirty little note

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